Microbiology Course for Feed Mill Personnel


Next Date: 9th June 2020 

Venue: York.

This one-day training course is for feed mill personnel who are involved in HACCP, production and QC; The ‘Microbiology for Feed Mills’ course explains the theory of microbiology and illustrates this with practical explanations of pathogen control in feed manufacturing processes along with microbiological testing regimes, and interpretation of the results.

The course also includes an overview of micro-organisms and food poisoning, growth and survival of micro-organisms, and prevention of these during animal feed production. We also have a session on interpretation of microbiological analysis results and a discussion on carrying out an in-depth
microbiological audit in a feed mill with a view to designing an audit checklist.

This course can be tailored to a particular business and can be delivered at customers’ premises with the possibility of a mill tour to use the audit checklist.

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