The Feed Directory: Branded Product Guide


A companion to the Commodity Products Guide, this volume features information on many of the leading branded feedstuffs. It provides descriptions, nutritional analysis, full product benefits and usage guidelines tailored for most animals and age. Storage advice, GM status, composition, palatability and target diets are also included, together with contact details of the manufacturers. Feeds are presented in an A-Z format in full colour. Colour coding is used throughout the book to clearly define the feed groups. Quick reference options include simple icons to indicate the suitability of the feed for species (sheep, cattle, pigs, poultry, equine, dogs, cats, fish, direct feeding on farm). Colour-coded pie charts provide a quick visual analysis summary. Categories: Cereals and derivatives; Forage and stock feeds; Legumes and derivatives; Oilseeds and derivatives; Roots,fruits and derivatives; Miscellaneous; Fat Supplements; Liquid feeds; Milk Products; Minerals.
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