Level 2 Certificate in Feed Milling Manufacturing


Principles of Milling, Mill Operations and Maintenance

Classroom teaching and practical demonstrations of milling operations specifically :

  • Intake, Raw Material Storage
  • Weighing and Mixing
  • Grinding
  • Conditioning and pressing
  • Finished Product handling
Each operation is considered within the course, demonstrating mechanisms to maximise throughput, efficiency and product quality.

Feed Quality Assurance and Feed Hygiene

  •  Feed Hygiene and Quality Assurance
  •  Hazards in feed production
  • Controlling hazards to promote feed hygiene
  • Quality Assurance Systems
This course explains to mill personnel their role and responsibility within the food and feed chain; how hazards in feed can affect food safety, and how they can be managed. Effective quality assurance and maintaining accreditation are essential for feed businesses to promote sales and show compliance with legislation. The HABC Level 1 Award in Food Safety for Manufacturing examination is a short 30 minute multiple choice examination (15 questions), which, if successful, gives a nationally accredited certificate.

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