Level 2 Certificate in HACCP for Animal Feed Manufacturing:14th February 2023



Tuesday 14th February 2023: Remote Learning Session

The 'Level 2 Certificate in HACCP for Animal Feed Manufacturing' course is designed to explain the principles of HACCP in animal feed manufacturing processes and apply these principles to the manufacture of raw materials, additives, blends, compound feeds and final rations.

It is suitable for anyone new to HACCP or the animal feed industry, as well as operators, and managers responsible for the production of safe feed

The course will cover the following topics, giving time for discussion and exercises to simplify and understand how a successful HACCP system can be used to manage feed safety

  • An introduction to HACCP
  • The seven principles of HACCP and their practical application in feed businesses
  • Pre-requisite programmes for animal feed
  • Determination and control of Critical Control Points
  • A 20 multiple-choice, RSPH-approved examination, which, if successful, results in a nationally-accredited certificate

The course lasts approximately 7 hours and is delivered in 1 day.

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