BioSimetrics Ration Programming

Biosimetrics, previously known as Bioparametrics, was established in 2001 to improve ruminant and dairy cow feeding through a better description of forage, feed digestion and diet analysis in the ruminant. Applying years of experience gained at Edinburgh University, a technique known as invitro gas production (IVGPT) is used to measure the rate and extent of carbohydrate and protein degradation in the rumen.

Using these unique descriptions of ruminant feeding breakdown, diets are formulated using a software programme called Biopara-Milk, which simulates the entire ruminant digestive system. Using this system, dairy cow feeding intakes can be predicted to +/- 0.5kgDM, therefore you are feeding your dairy cows correctly by reducing feed wastage and promoting greater prediction of animal growth and performance.

Bioparametrics produce NIR equations for routine diet analysis of grass silage, wholecrop wheat and maize silage and to generate the unique rumen degradation parameters required to use Biopara-Milk. This is then balanced with raw materials to ensure a consistent supply of nitrogen and energy to the rumen micro-organisms, for optimal rumen metabolism, and therefore maximising intake.


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