With over 10 years' experience in auditing feed and food businesses, we are leading auditors available for feed assurance schemes, both in the UK and Worldwide. We are also able to carry out bespoke audits – experience in the requirements of retailers means we can advise on the management systems required by most customers, confidentially and with knowledge of all feed businesses, from farms, compound feed manufacturing, to raw material supply

Working in partnership with Approved certification bodies, we are approved to carry out the following audits:

  • UFAS
  • GMP+
  • ISO22000:2008
We would also be happy to consider the requirements of other markets – retailers, internal audits for businesses, food factories placing surplus foods onto the market, and investigative audits for complaints or legal disputes.

Biosecurity Audits

How good is your Biosecurity?

Biosecurity is an important, though often overlooked, measure in feed manufacturing businesses, where production is high and fast, and risks are not always obvious to the eye. An Independent Biosecurity Audit will examine your process systematically and thoroughly, from intake through to despatch, identify good practices and areas for improvement in the Biosecurity controls of your mill.

Our experienced, qualified auditors will spend 2 days in your mill, examining each process, and analysing the equipment and procedures for risks to biosecurity. They will identify where there is a risk of introduction or growth of pathogenic micro-organisms which may harm animals, spread disease, and ultimately adversely affect the food chain. They will also suggest areas for improvement, and assess your HACCP study to ensure it supports a robust Biosecurity programme.

Our auditors are qualified to Level 4 in HACCP and Level 4 in Food Safety, and hold ISO Lead Auditors qualifications. They also have wide experience of auditing feed manufacturing premises and feeding livestock.

They will supply you with a detailed report of the audit, with pictures and recommendations, highlighting good practice as well as weaknesses, and can work with you to improve biosecurity measures with training and writing of procedures.

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