APHA approval for new dog treats.

Our team at Apheya are delighted to support smaller businesses with the more difficult aspects of compliance with legislation.

Victoria recently guided Stephen Auty of Mykiss through the process of applying for APHA approval for his new dog treat operation. Stephen runs the Yarrow Fishery in the beautiful border town of Selkirk, and was looking to manufacture trout fillets for dogs. This involves obtaining approval from APHA for the processing of animal by-products, designing premises, HACCP plans, production records and designing labels which comply with both animal by-products regulations and Reg (EC)767/2009 on the placing on the market and use of feed.

Victoria trialled the products on her own dogs – Bella and Daisy both loved these juicy, oily trout fillets (and raided the bin for the empty bag afterwards)- Definitely a thumbs up from them!

If you are a small pet food manufacturer looking for help with legislation, please do get in touch.


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