Apheya Feed Advisory Service

For food businesses supplying products into the animal feed market.

Apheya Animal Nutrition are offering a new resource to food companies supplying products into the animal feed market. Any former foods sold or supplied as feed must comply with feed legislation and be safe for use - Our Apheya Feed Advisory Service aims to support food businesses in the use and
sale of former foodstuffs as animal feed, ensuring that your food business stays up to date with animal feed requirements and ensures products supplied as feed are safe and compliant. We support technical managers and quality management personnel responsible for implementation of these requirements in a food business, providing the following;

  • Advice and guidance on feed legislation and the responsibilities of businesses placing surplus foods into the feed market
  • Support with the design and implementation of HACCP systems for feed materials
  • Attendance at HACCP meetings as the animal nutrition expert
  • Label checking service for animal feed products
  • Support in complaints/dispute
  •  Advice on the use of ingredients in food which may be supplied as feed
  • Keeping you informed of feed and farming industry issue

Our experienced, qualified nutritionists and feed safety consultants at Apheya Animal Nutrition can help your food business supply compliant and safe animal feed products.

The service is offered from £80.00 per month for a bi-monthly newsletter and 2 hrs per month of technical support. Please contact Victoria Phillips on 07985467159 or Victoria.phillips@apheya.com


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