Animal Feed Legislation - Part 3

Written by Anna Hardcastle, Nutritionist.

Over the past two weeks I've looked at designing, marketing and making feed as well as looking at ingredients allowed for feeding food-producing animals. This week I will be looking at how much additive can be added to animal feed.
How much of a feed additive can I include?

Copper sulphate pentahydrate (contained in my bought-in premix) and narasin are feed additives and so they can be checked in the EU Register of Feed Additives, as in question 2 (see last weeks blog), for maximum levels that can be fed to an animal each day. In the register, I can find these additives and in the 'reference in OJ' column, there is a link to the relevant piece of legislation for those additives:
Answer: Cupric sulphate pentahydrate contains 25% copper therefore I can add up to 100mg/kg of this compound which would give me 25mg/kg elemental copper set out in Regulation 1334/2003. For Narasin I can add up to 70mg/kg.

Next time – "undesirable substances" – how (and where) to check the legislation


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