Approved Driver CPC Training - Make your training count!

Safe Delivery of Animal Feeds

Apheya Animal Nutrition (formerly Victoria Phillips Ltd) are pleased to launch a new training course aimed at drivers delivering raw material and feed to feed mills and farms. This course has been approved for driver CPC, in partnership with Chartwise UK, a Jaupt approved CPC training centre, and is approved to meet the annual requirements of drivers for CPC training.

The course teaches not only the importance of safe animal feed delivery, but also gives an insight into the consequences of cross contamination and poor hygiene. The risks associated with delivery of feeds for different species are explained with practical examples, and descriptions of how feeds for certain species can harm other species if delivered incorrectly. The course also includes modules on the importance of good customer service, and health and safety on farms.

The course is suitable for bulk and bag delivery drivers, and for raw material manufacturers who deliver feed materials to feed mills and farms. Our trainers are available to deliver the training at customers' premises , on any day of the week or weekend. Why not make your driver training count for more this year?

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