Raw Drinking Milk Guidance

You may be aware that the FSA has recently changed its guidance concerning the sale of raw milk direct to consumer.  The new guidance requires businesses selling RDM (Raw Drinking Milk) to implement documentation and testing procedures based on hazard analysis, and document procedures to ensure milk is safe and complies with legal requirements.

Apheya Animal Nutrition is primarily an animal nutrition consultancy, providing advice on nutrition and feed safety to farmers, feed businesses and local authority enforcement officers. We have extensive experience in developing and implementing feed safety management systems in feed businesses and farms, using our food/feed safety qualifications to combine food safety guidelines with best practice on farms.

We can help your business to prepare for the new FSA guidance, providing support to establish a documented management system, and testing regimes. We can provide interpretation of microbiological analyses, and keep you up-to-date with the requirements of this food safety legislation.

For more information on the new RDM requirements, please see https://www.food.gov.uk/business-guidance/raw-drinking-milk-guidance or CONTACT US to find out how we can support you to achieve safe food.


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