2021 BCFTA Courses (Delivered by Apheya)

We are delighted to work with BCFTA (Bristol Corn and Feed Trade Association)  to offer a range of nutrition and quality courses. Our popular 2 day Animal Nutrition course will be delivered on-line, with practical  exercises to allow discussion and interaction throughout the course.

Thursday 23rd March
Companion Animal Nutrition 90 mins

Teaching the principles of nutrition for companion animals, specifically equine, dogs and cats. Trends in feeding companion animals, and examine the disorders caused by nutrient imbalances.

Tuesday 15th June
Quality, sampling and analysis of animal feed 90 mins

Fundamentals of Quality; auditing, HACCP, legislation and codes of practice, testing for quality; why do we test/ what is testing for?

Tuesday 22nd - Wednesday 23rd September
Animal Nutrition - 2 days
To broaden knowledge of nutritional principles of ruminants and monogastric farm animals. Learn about the digestion of nutrients and how the feed advisor can influence health, growth, reproduction and lactation. Offers the opportunity for discussion and real-life experiences.


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